Thursday, January 10, 2013


I was looking at Pinterest last night (what else is new) I saw this post and it really made me stop and think about how true this is of my life. I am always running, always busy and because of that, many aspects of my life suffers. 

While I didn't make any New Years resolutions - other than working on my work-life balance, I plan to make time for the following things:

  • Phone conversations with friends (my best friend is getting married, 2 of my childhood friends from preschool are having her first babies - texting just won't do). While carving out an hour of my day seems impossible, I must make time for this.
  • Working out. Sleep is a beautiful beautiful thing - I cherish it immensely. But this girl has to get to the gym (preferably in the mornings)
  • Eating right. It's easy (especially in New York) to eat crap food - it can be delivered to your door in a just a few minutes. I need to take the time to research recipes, make grocery lists, and plan my meals. 
  • Working on my brand. Meaning my blog and restarting my jewelry line. These are the most time consuming things in my life, but the things that I literally could do 24/7 without ever getting tired of them. 
I just need more time - and need to stop the glorification of busy. What about you? Do you find yourself being overly busy and never having the time to do the things that matters most?

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