Monday, December 31, 2012


Where do I start? Do I start with an APOLOGY? Do I start with a THANK YOU? Do I start with an I'VE MISSED YOU? Do I start with an I'M BACK? Not knowing where to start, I'm just going to jump on in - I'm so sorry I've taken a hiatus without giving any notice, THANK YOU for checking in on me to make sure that everything was ok - your comments and emails meant everything to me {even if I didn't respond}, I have missed you and my blog more than you can know, and most importantly I'M BACK!!!

Life has been overwhelming, work has been overwhelming, and my work-life balance has been way way WAY off. I allowed the stress of work to keep me from everything I love - Christmas didn't feel like Christmas, I couldn't find my creativity, I was no longer inspired to post, and I didn't have anything positive or uplifting to say because I felt if I couldn't inspire myself, how could I inspire others. I even wondered if I had it in me to keep going with the blog - or if you still even wanted to hear from me. So I took some time off from life in search of some answers and to reign in a little perspective.

I realized that being creative is everything to me, it's what grounds me, it's who I am. I realized that I absolutely love this blog and I enjoy sharing all things that inspire me with you. I realized that I MUST work on my work-life balance, because when that balance is off, I am a very unhappy person. I realized my family and friends mean absolutely everything to me - and it's them, you, that convinced me to keep here I am. So THANK YOU my lovely lovely readers for your constant support. 

Now that you've accepted my apology - can you believe that today is the last day of 2012?? Crazy right? This year has literally flown by, and I must be honest that I'm ready to start anew. Before moving forward, I thought I would reflect on what has happened in my life this year and share it with you in this review below. Enjoy and let's bring on the New Year!!!

Microsoft Word - year in review 2012 ummm.doc


  1. You are a PRO with those can drivers! I think that makes you a true New Yorker!
    SO Glad you're back (and thanks for the cupcakes and cashmere rec - I love it!)

  2. (and by "can" I mean "cab" of course) :-P

  3. Jessica -- so glad that you are back! I totally understand the need to take time off to reflect and regroup. Wishing you a happy happy new year!
    Your fan from Los Angeles,


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