Monday, October 15, 2012

{14 Essentials Styled 10 Different Ways}

Do you find yourself wearing the same outfit, with the same exact pieces all the time? I definitely do. Over the weekend while looking for some inspiration to spruce up my outfits, I found this genius post of how to take 14 essentials that every woman should have in their closets and style them 10 different ways. This makes me want to start my own challenge, picking out 14 pieces from my closet - mixing and matching them to make 10 unique outfits. Let me see what I can pull - stay tuned....
14 essentials 10 ways - 1
14 essentials 10 ways - 2
14 essentials 10 ways - 5
14 essentials 10 ways - 4
14 essentials 10 ways - 3
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  1. Love this post - I definitely have a Fall "uniform" but maybe I can jazz it up with some new basics! Would love to see your 14 items and outfits :)


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