Friday, September 28, 2012

{TGIF Peeps}

weekend plans 9.28
link lovin
- Wardrobe classics - love this...

- Do you like avocado? Do you like egg salad? Why not combine them and make an avocado egg salad sandwich?

- Just in case you ever wondered how to make your own White Castle burgers at home - don't act like you've never had a 3am craving - lol!

- I love every single look - can she do any wrong? Can J.Crew?

- I think I need these - what do you think?

- An app to organize your closet and create outfits - my sister and I had this idea, but someone beat us to the punch!

Enjoy your weekend Peeps!
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  1. re: dunks. got 'em. love 'em. get 'em.

    1. Ok - good! I just needed for one person to tell me to get them. Done and done! Thanks Hope, I "hope" you are doing well! :-)


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