Thursday, April 19, 2012

{DIY: Polka Dot Colored Jeans}

While visiting Anthro over the weekend I saw these pants and loved them - that is until I saw the price tag. $218 is a bit much for a pair of polka dot jeans so I decided that this would be a great DIY project - and boy did I find the PERFECT look for less. Check it out:
DIY - polka dot pants
Anthropologie | Target

All you have to do is buy some white fabric paint from your local craft store, pour it onto a paper plate, dip the eraser head of the pencil into the paint...and dot away. Easy breezy right - and only $30!!!
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  1. Ohh! This just jumped to the top of my DIY list!

  2. Too funny! I did this exact same project over Easter weekend and just blogged it on my new website!! We even used the same Target jeans! Great minds think alike, I guess.


    1. You're right - great minds think alike, lol!!! :-)

  3. I need some of those jeans. Those are just so bright and cheerful, perfect for summer.


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