Wednesday, April 4, 2012

{April Picks}

It's the beginning of the month, so you know what that means....time for my April picks!!!
April 2012
1 - Yesterday morning I put on my white blazer only to find out that it is way too big and I have to either get it tailored, or purchase another one. boo...but yay!! I plan to live in it as having one in your closet makes your outfits so versatile. If you don't own one yet - get one!

2 - This is my new FAVORITE lip balm! I heard they sell it at Target, but none of the Targets around here have them, so I went straight to the source and ordered online. Love love love!

3 - I know you know this because I talk about it all the time - but I really really need tops. While my parents are in town this weekend, it's truly going to be my mission to find. If not - I'm just going to get these from Madewell.

4 - These shoes will be mine by the end of this month. Practical? No. But I want them and haven't treated myself to a new pair of impractical shoes in a while.

5 - I want to try this Bobby Brown body oil - have any of you tried it yet? I'm going to test it out over the weekend as I'm out shopping and will let you know the verdict. I'm liking the reviews so far though...

6 - Love these earrings from Stella and Dot - I'm ordering them today!
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