Wednesday, March 7, 2012

{My Daily Face Wash Routine}

Last night after getting home from the gym, and trying to rush through my nightly routine so that I could sit down and eat and watch The Biggest Loser, as I was washing my face I wondered if I'm the only one that goes through this long drawn out process:
Face Wash Routine
I first pull my hair back out of my face with either a head band or the clips shown above. I then pump a few drops of Johnson & Johnson soap-free, hypoallergenic face wash {I've been using this for years} onto my Clarisonic cleanser {I love this thing more than I love macaroni and cheese} and go through the 60 second cycle. From there I dry my face, grab the tweezers to do a little plucking {mind you I don't do this every night}. Hope in a Jar, I swear by it and use it daily, but if I feel I need a little more moisture {as my skin is super sensitive and dry} I grab the KP Duty. I then put on some Burt's Bees lip balm {as I constantly keep my lips moisturized - I have one in the bathroom, on my nightstand, in the car, in my purse, and one at work - obsessed, yea maybe a little}. Finally I take the clips out of my hair...and done! 

Tell me - I'm not the only crazy that goes through all of this, right? What happened to the good ol' days when all you did was slap on some Noxema?

PS. I lied about the macaroni and cheese - as if I could love anything more!

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  1. i am still considering getting a clarisonic, it is so expensive to me, but i guess my face is worth it! ha


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