Thursday, February 16, 2012

{In Need Of A Pick Me Up}

Do you ever feel like this picture below? You try to do right, but wrong continues to rear it's ugly head. You move forward with approved plans, only for those plans to be completely changed at the last minute. All you want to do is have 1 hour a day to do exactly what you want to do, but someone else's choices keep you from that short amount of 'me time'. And just when you think you're refreshed and can keep going, you suddenly become burnt out again?
I'm in need of a pick me up. Ideas?


  1. Hey Jessica, Sorry to hear things are rough today but remember tomorrow is around the corner. My recent pick me ups have been the following: reading this amazing and life changing book called Write it Down, Make It Happen. Its changed my life and I'm not a big self help person. Exercise (which can be frustrating but I tend to feel good later), reading blogs like yours, bad TV and movies, happy music (if you don't have one yet, find your happy theme song), counting my blessings (this is a recent addition). Hope this helps and if not, tomorrow is another day.

    1. This is the PERFECT advice - exactly what I needed to hear. In the end, all it really takes is going back to the basics - taking joy in the little, most meaningful things. THANK YOU Hope!! :-)


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