Thursday, January 26, 2012

{No Payne - No Gain}

Yesterday evening while I was in my bootcamp class {while listening to my trainer yell "come on Payne - get those knees up" "Payne, is that what you call a sprint" "No Payne, No Gain! Right?" - like I haven't heard that before} I was thinking that I need a few new things for the gym. It's time for me to put my nasty over-sized t-shirts to rest and purchase a couple of dry-fit tanks. I also need a new yoga mat strap {the vacuum cleaner ate it last weekend}, some cleaner for my mat as I was looking down and seeing all the sweat that was dripping on it as I was doing squat thrusts and planks, and most importantly I need a watch {sweat-proof} to know how much longer I have until I get to home and of course track my workouts and running times. 
workout gear needed
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When will I start to love the gym? Don't get me wrong, I'm committed to going and have hardly ever missed a class or training session - but I don't love it. My infatuation should have happened by now, right?

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