Tuesday, January 17, 2012

{Another Weekend For The Books}

This morning is back to reality for me as I'm coming down from such a amazing weekend high. As you know, my sister Tara was here to celebrate her birthday weekend, and while she ended up getting pretty sick - we still had a blast. Having her here and then seeing her go makes me further realize how much I dearly miss being near my family. Times like this shouldn't have to be reserved for only a few times a year. Below is a snapshot of our weekend - so many laughs and continued memories:
snapshot of weekend 1

snapshot of weekend 2
I purchased the coat located in the middle of the top row on Saturday (after quite a sales pitch from Tara and my friend Ros). It was originally a $570 coat, but was on sale for $230 at Nordstrom. I took it to the register to purchase it, thinking it was $250, and knowing I had $140 in store credit to use towards that amount. However, it rang up for $184 and once using my store credit, I only paid... $57.46!!!!! I literally did a dance right there at the counter. And let me just say - this picture does this coat no justice - it's pretty fab I must say!

Unfortunately (not for a lack of trying) we didn't get to do any of the DIY projects we wanted to. We looked for studs all over Raleigh and couldn't find not even one. Additionally, we couldn't find the right fabric for the scarves, and then once we decided just to use cheap cream scarves from Old Navy, we realized we didn't have fabric paint and didn't feel like going back to the other side of town. Instead, we headed home, watched some TV, ate a few snacks and gave ourselves a mani and pedi using the nail polish you see above.

Tara found lots of good deals - some new sunglasses, a few tops, a lovely fur vest that she got from the Michael Kors outlet for super cheap, and a pair of silver glitter flats to walk around the city in. On top of lots of shopping, we had a lot of good eats, all which we will pay for this week at the gym. Most importantly, we had an amazing time (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, runny nose and all) just being together. We're already planning the next trip - this time me going up to NYC.  

Finally, another sister is leaving for a 2 month trip to India this morning, so I'm sending her all my love and praying for safe travels on this trip of a lifetime. Her and her guy are traveling through India for a month, and then she at the beginning of her second month she is traveling alone down to the beach of Goa to get her yoga instructor certification. From time to time through her travels she will be posting updates of her trip on a blog she just started called Steps Through India - so check it out. Bon Voyage Kendra - love you!!!

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  1. Here's to sisters! That weekend sounded fantabulous! And I love Love love the jacket--great buy and worth the dance. I would have also loved some of those mashed potatoes and (what looks like) chicken. hmmm.


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