Monday, December 19, 2011

{My Christmas Wrapping}

Morning! So this weekend I was able to get everything done on my checklist. I went to the mall with the crazies to pick up last minute gifts {it actually wasn't that bad, and after I scored a front row parking spot - I knew luck was going to be on my side}, and then came home and wrapped every single one them. So today I thought I would show you this year's wrapping {Tara, Kendra, Laura - and the competition begins - lol}
Christmas wrapping 1
Christmas wrapping 2
1 - Brown Postal Wrapping Paper {$3.39}  | 2 - Gold Glitter Star Name Tags {$3.00 for 10 tags}  | 3 - Glitter Ribbon {w/ 60% off - $1.05 per 9ft. roll} | 4 - Gold Round Stickers {$5.99 for 500 stickers}


  1. I have literally been refreshing the page to find out what you did this year. And now I know what I'm up against! :)

  2. Fabulous! I love it!!!! You always talk about the sister competition - I'd love to see the other three options :)

  3. You're right Andrea - I promise to post their wrapping this year! I know what Tara is doing, and when you see it you'll definitely think "that's so Tara" - stay tuned.


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