Monday, August 29, 2011

{Is It Fall Yet?}

Morning Peeps - hope you enjoyed your weekend! Mine was very nice and chill (minus me getting sick). Saturday I stayed in for the whole day (movies, take-out, and great company) and enjoyed the windy and rainy weather that we received from Hurricane Irene. Luckily - we didn't have to deal with any flooding or electric outages - but I know that there are many that did - so I'm sending good thoughts your way. One thing that the storm did for me (grey skies, winds, 70 degrees, the balcony door was open), was make me excited about the fall weather to come. Who else is tired of the extreme hot weather and is also ready for fall?
ready for fall
Happy Monday Peeps!!

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  1. I really love this young woman's whole look but its sort of an oxymoron the more I think of it. Her face is sun-kissed and her hair fully sun-streaked but she's all bundled up for fall! We wish! I love fall but I'm scared of winter! Feel better.


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