Wednesday, August 31, 2011

{Hello - My Name is Jessica and I'm Addicted to Pinterest}

Pinterest is 1. a virtual pinboard, 2. an inspirational board comprised of collections of favorite inspiration in the form of photos and imagery, and 3. a place to waste a lot of time (lol) - and I'm addicted. You know how you used to cut/tear pictures out of a magazine when you liked an idea? Or kept a mental list of places you wanted to visit? Well now Pinterest allows you to digitally capture any and everything that inspires you. Below are a few (out of the personal 1,000+ I've pinned) pins that I'm loving lately:
pinterest lovin
1. I love this Burberry coat and feel that it would be the BEST birthday present to myself if it wasn't so darn expensive...(pic be found on my 'Get Into My Closet' board)

2. I think these paper lanterns are amazing - and if I ever get married, they will definitely be used at the reception as our sendoff... (pic can be found on my 'Someday My Prince Will Come' board)

3. I believe this quote to the core - life is art... (pic can be found on my 'Word' board)

4. Roasted corn and goat cheese salad recipe....yummm... (pic and recipe can be found on my 'I'm a Foodie' board)

5. This is my dream vintage and classy...(pic can be found on my 'Vintage Obsession' board)

6. There is something about this bathroom that I absolutely love - the tile, the mirror, the sinks....(pic can be found on my 'Rollin With the Home-ies' board)

Click here to follow me on Pinterest - and if you're on Pinterest, let me know how I can follow you (if I'm not already doing so)! Enjoy your day - and pin away!

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