Tuesday, June 21, 2011

{Searching For: Glass Coffee Table}

I'm on the hunt for a new coffee table - and because my living is on the smaller side, I am looking for a glass table to allow the space to feel more open. I'm currently scouring the flea market and Craigslist, but haven't had any luck yet. I'm sure one will pop up sooner or later, but if you happen to see anything like the ones shown below, pah-lease let me know!
Glass table


  1. What's your take on matching side tables to the coffee table? I mean, I can guess you'll say they don't have to match, but any guidelines? I see online some people like all three to match, some have three completely separate pieces, etc... but I want some kind of "something" helping them make sense in the room. Like should the wood/material be the same? One side table should match the coffee table? Etc.?


  2. If you look at my apartment now, all of the wood and style of furniture match...which is now driving me crazy. Lately I've been scouring the flea market and Craigslist to find vintage pieces to include in my space to break up the monotony. I have espresso wood furniture with glass inlays. I'm looking for a vintage gold and glass coffee table. I have silver and glass lamps. Hands down I think you can mix and max your furniture and woods, in fact you definitely should. As long as all of the pieces are cohesive to some point (like the glass in my current space, or shape, or size/height), I say go for it!!!


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