Monday, April 25, 2011

{DIY: Rhino Head}

A few weeks ago, while watching the Antonio Treatment on HGTV, I fell in love with this enormous rhino head that he created and spray painted pink. I immediately knew that I had to have one - so the search was on... and I found one {just not as big - but does size really matter? lol}!
Rhino DIY 1
{The rhino head is from Z Gallerie and the gold spray paint I had laying around the house - I just couldn't do bright pink...}
Rhino DIY 2
Rhino DIY 4
{1- I just love this cute little urchin - purchased from Furbish studio. 2- These books ends were a great find at the the flea market - I scored these for $7!! 3- I purchased this glass bowl while in's one of my most treasured pieces}
Rhino DIY 3
{The painting and the pig have nothing to do with one}
Rhino DIY 5
Soooo.... what do you think?


  1. That looks absolutely fabulous! It's a great addition to your wall. Fantastic DIY!

  2. I love this more than you know!!!!! Looks fantastic with the other gold touches. Amazing DIY :)

  3. This is GORGEOUS! I think I like rhino heads more than the more common deer head. And I love how everything 'goes' in that little corner of yorus.

  4. I'm thinking about painting my zgallerie rhino and was wondering how the paint held up for you? I'm thinking about painting it bright red.

  5. Where did you get the Rhino head?


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