Monday, April 4, 2011

{April's Must-Buy Items}

I've rounded up a cluster of must-buy items that are sure to keep you {and your home} looking effortlessly lovely all spring and summer long:
April Picks1. Believe it or not, I'm starting to really get into color and I purchased these red skinny jeans from Gap to start to build my color collection...should arrive today!

2. I love my fedora and wear it all the time, especially in the spring and summer. I wasn't sure if I would be able to still pull it off now that I have short hair, but I tried it out yesterday and got a yay, I can wear it!

3. I'm usually not a fan of stronger perfumes, but Chanel's Mademoiselle is what I will call my big girl perfume. Consider it my signature scent this spring!

4. I purchased this striped bin from the Container Store last month, and just recently bought a couple of more. I use them to store my hats, scarves, and socks!

5. This bag is brilliant and while I can't buy this exact one - I'm on the hunt for a yellow and also a green handbag!

6. Pink + gold + Kate Spade = you can't go wrong!

7. This Michael Kors watch will be mine - I've had my current watch for many many years, it's silver and I'm in need of a gold watch. This is the one!

8. I'm on the hunt for nude flats and really like these! I tried them on this weekend and wasn't sure if I loved them - but the more I think about it, I think I may go and try them again!

9. Nerd glasses! I wore these yesterday with my fedora...and pulled it off!

10. I purchased this cute little gold urchin from Furbish on Saturday. I placed it on top of a stack of books on my coffee the accent!

Do you have any items that you recently purchased that are must-haves for spring? If so, share below and be sure to include a link! Enjoy your day!


  1. I LOVE flats with cutouts in them! My mom and I tried on a super cute pair at aldo this weekend (, and Target has a cute pair in various colors (

  2. Ooo I really like the ones from Aldo - especially the color. Great find! This gives me an excuse to go back to the mall, thanks Andrea!!

  3. Love this post! Everything is GREAT.
    1. Red pants - phenom. I love mine
    2. Watch - if you had it on here too many times not to get it...just sayin :)
    3. Cutout shoes are great. Had them on my post today!


  4. now that i have money I can actually BUY the things you post. I LOVE the pants and the nerd glasses are always fab. You should do a post of how to spruce up red & khaki for my job!!

  5. Thanks for buying out all the striped bins at Container Store!!! They are fresh out and now I know why! LOLOLOL

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