Tuesday, February 15, 2011

{My Style: I'm A Neutral Girl}

I get a lot of flack for wearing neutrals all the time, but I can't help it - if I see a bright colored shirt next to a gray or neutral one, hands down I will pick the neutral one. I do like to add in splashes of color with my accessories {especially scarves}, but for the most part I'm all about my grays, browns, blacks, and mustards. I love pieces that flow, I don't like things that cling, and I love the ability to mix and match. I put together what my style is below, and on any given day this is what you will see me in...
My Style
So what do you think? Do you tend to reach for color or more towards the neutrals {like me}?


  1. I, personally tend to go with more colors. The brighter the better. BUT, i think you look good in neutrals. Not everyone can pull that off, I feel like for me, it washes me out. But you put a sense of style to it and make it work.

  2. I am a neutral girl as well. I am learning to mix and match my accessories in order to give myself more hints of color. But to be honest the most color I have in my closet are splashes of red, which is a scarf and a single top, along with two tops I picked up with Tara over at Style Scoop on a recent shopping adventure. One is cobalt blue and the other is coral. I am in love with the cobalt blue, I have a maxi dress in that color as well. So I am going to try and incorporate more of that blue in my closet.


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