Tuesday, January 4, 2011

{Something New For The New Year: Shine On!}

Who says that wearing something shiny is only for special occasions and holidays? While surfing Etsy last night for some new year quote posters to post today, I put in the words shine on and it {mis}lead me to these amazing finds {I get distracted so easily}. So while this post took a little bit of a turn, my same intention remains - shine on!
Etsy Shimmer 1
Etsy shimmer 2
Can you believe that all of the items above are handmade from Etsy designers? Love - right? To purchase ~ click here for the metallic high-waisted pants, here for the cashmere cape, and here for the silver ballerina flats.

I'm in save mode right now - but I really love the flats...really love.
Final Signature

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