Thursday, January 6, 2011

{Living My Life Like It's Golden}

I saw this post over at Compai and loved it so much that I had to share it with you. I tweaked the list just a little, but nevertheless it's just as fab. The words "Living My Life Like It's Golden" is my own personal motto for 2011. If you haven't heard the song by Jill Scott, check it out here ~ my favorite lines are from the first verse: 
I’m taking my freedom,
Pulling it off the shelf,
Putting it on my chain,
Wear it around my neck,
I’m taking my freedom,
Putting it in my car,
Wherever I choose to go,
It will take me far...
Living My Life...
1. From The Things We Love by Kate Spade. Image Via Felt & Wire
2. Ring From MELODY EH$ANI.
3. Mid-Century Tumbler Glasses on Etsy for $8
4. Lost and Found brass Bracelet
5. Tory Burch gold lovlies
Final Signature

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  1. these are great works to live by for this year! thanks for sharing.


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