Tuesday, January 11, 2011

{Get In My Kitchen}

Since joining WW, I am growing to like the kitchen. I have opted to cook my own food, now versus purchasing processed and fast food simply because I love the fact that I know {as best as I can} what I'm putting into my body. During this process of changing my eating lifestyle it's making me realize the importance of not only eating healthy, but being more aware of what I am eating.

Over the weekend I found several items that I would love to add to my kitchen to spice it up and add a little fun to it. I'm trying to get to the point where I really love cooking and experimenting with recipes ~ adding some of these fun items to my kitchen certainly won't hurt...take a peak:
Get in my kitchen
Shop List:
Upcycled + Chic = No.1
Strawberries + Ceramic + Always = No.2
Eat + Well + Napkins - No.3
Glass Chic + IKEA = No.4
Ceramic + TV Dinner = No.5
Fancy + Milk = No.6
Good + Eats = No.7
Golden + I would eat everything out of this bowl = No.8
Final Signature

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  1. My new fav is my Magic Bullet. Making green smoothies daily. Down 3 lbs. in 1 week. I'm an appliance junkie. ♥ my bread maker too. Next is a juicer that can handle wheat grass.


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