Monday, January 31, 2011

{5 Things: Magazine Lust}

As I mentioned in my Weekend Plans, I spent most of Saturday morning/early afternoon at Barnes & Noble. As promised, I had my Starbucks, my iPad, and a stack of all my favorite magazines.While flipping through the pages I couldn't help but lust over all the eye candy. Flip after flip I learned 5 things that I thought I would share with you...
Magazine Lust
Update: Sooo....I just peaked at the Gucci website to see the price of the bags above...and let's just say, if I don't win the lottery or win big during my next trip to Vegas, I'll be getting clutch version... {INASD - comment below if you can figure out what this acronym means, lol!}. 
Final Signature

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  1. I need a sugar daddy. (Me too. Lol) That white Gucci is fantastic.


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