Thursday, December 9, 2010

{The Making of a Tacky Christmas Sweater}

This Saturday my company is having a Tacky {well it's actually called Crazy, but I like the word Tacky better}Christmas Sweater party and I've been going crazy trying to find the most awesomest {don't judge, yes I said amesomest} sweater. Of course I couldn't just buy a used one from ebay or Goodwill {not for lack of trying I must add} so I've decided to make my own. Don't get all excited and start scrolling down to the end - I am not showing the finished product until Monday because I don't want my co-workers to see it until the party. Since there is a contest and prizes for the top 3 winners - I don't want anyone stealing my idea. So come back on Monday for some hilarious pics from the party - as well as my final {hopefully prize winning} handmade "sweater"!
Tacky Christmas Sweater
This is gonna be good....
Final Signature

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  1. And I sure was gonna just go STRAIGHT to the end to see what the end project looked like. HURRY HURRY I wanna see it!!!


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