Monday, December 27, 2010

{Happy Holidays}

To me the saddest day of the year is the day after Christmas. After all the build-up and excitement, the shopping and the parties, and the spending time with love ones, all for the best {in my opinion} day of the year - it's a little sad once it's all over. I hope everyone had a fantastic Christmas - I sure did...if you haven't heard yet ~ Santa brought me an iPad!!!!!! I am so in love with it ~ I have to keep remembering to spend time with the family I only get to see a couple times a year and stop downloading apps, lol! It really is a genius piece of technology - it's amazing all of the things it can do. Thank you Santa!

In addition to being at home for the holidays, I haven't been feeling to well. I have a "stomach thingy" that no doctor has been able to figure out until this past Thursday when I spent all day in the ER. I went first thing Thursday morning - and then went back late that evening. All I can say is THANK GOD I was home, and THANK GOD for my mom. I don't know what I would have done without her, it proves that no matter how old you are, and how grown you think you are, you still need your mama. I have another appointment tomorrow at 9am, that will determine what the next steps will be after that. I have New Year's plans, planned to leave Ohio on Wednesday, and am scheduled to go back to work on January 3rd - but we'll see after tomorrow. Until then - keep me in your thoughts and prayers...{sorry to be so vague}

For the next week, I will be popping in and out here on Flourish - and will not be posting full time again until January. Thank you all for your kind words, comments and emails of support and shared enthusiasm during 2010.  I'm so looking forward to meeting back here in January, but in the meantime have a fantastic time and enjoy the festivities of the season.


  1. Get better soon! We can always plan another 'NYE' event.


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