Thursday, November 18, 2010

{My Christmas Wish List}

After I posted about how me and my sisters {while we are all grown adults} are still required to make Christmas wish lists - I got several requests to post what was actually on my list. And while we have to include exactly what we want, my parents still want there to be surprises on Christmas morning, so we have to add lots of items to our list {knowing of course we won't get everything or even near} for them to choose from. So without further ado:
All I want for Christmas
Christmas List 1
Christmas List 2
What's on your Christmas wish list??? If you want to add any of the items above to your list and would like to know where to get it - just leave a comment below and I'll let you know. Enjoy your day Peeps!Final Signature


  1. i love that you love etsy - so many great finds. it's one of my favorite online spots. great wish list!

  2. List is eclectic, which is great! I'm wanting to add accessories for my desk. Where can I find a pencil dispenser. Too cute!

  3. @Annie - I'm obsessed with Etsy, lol!!!

    @Stylescoop - here's where you can get the pencil dispenser:


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