Friday, November 26, 2010

{Happy Black Friday}

black friday
I hope everyone had a fantastic Thanksgiving. Mine was more than amazing ~ my sister surprised us and came home for Thanksgiving by walking through the door {while we were watching the Macy's Day Parade} and said, "surprise, I'm here!!!!" - you should have seen all of our faces {accompanied by tears} - it was the best!!! Definitely a Thanksgiving to remember! :-)

Now it's 1:30am and we are about to go stand in the Target Black Friday line! This is what we {me and my family} do peeps - it's tradition - it's crazy - I'm cranky - but I love it! We'll shop til about 9:00am, go eat breakfast at Bob Evan's, go for round 2 til about noon, go home to take a nap, and then back out to the mall until it closes at 10pm. If you've ever wondered where I get my shop-aholic-ness from...I get it from my mama {lol}. Happy shopping loves - my Christmas cheesiness begins....BEWARE! 
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