Thursday, October 14, 2010

{Would You Wear It?}

Over the knee socks. I am a fool for preppy trends and I totally fell for this one. I recently purchased a pair of heather grey ones, but it seems a little tricky to pull off. Hemlines are an issue… a lot of thigh is too à la Britney Spears for my taste. I like the layered look in these images, they feel casual and balanced. Will you try this trend? What shoes would you wear? I’m not sure I have the footwear to pull this off…yet.
I definitely rocked {and LOVED} knee socks after becoming obsessed with Clueless when i was in junior high, but for 2010, I’d like to steer clear of the mini skirt, platform, knee sock combo {lol}! Maybe I'll start with wearing them under my OTK boots, and then work my way down to a bootie or a pump. Once I find the right 'fit - I'll take a pic {just in case you think I'm totally off my rocker}...
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  1. if you make an attempt at pulling these off in wake county and it works, please post a picture. i was thinking about it but have decided the knee socks would never leave the house. its one of those things i would put on twice a week and then chicken out right before i left home leaving them behind to be almost worn another day.

  2. ABSOLUTELY!!!! Wore it last night to networking event.

  3. Going along with this trend is the one I recently saw of over-the-knee socks OVER skinny jeans (and sticking out of boots). Again, not sure how long it took to get them on OR off (or how comfortable that is), but quite frankly, I don't know if that trend will stick.

  4. I've only made it as high as knee high socks as well..

  5. @Elizabeth - I think I'm ready to shake up Wake County a little, lol!!

    @Jessica - OTK socks, over OTK jeans, sticking out of boots is a bit much for sure. As Vera always says, before leaving the house - take one accessory off, lol!

    @Stylescoop - uhhh, pics please???

    @BarelyVogue - thank you!!!! I really like your blog as well. Let's stay in touch!

    @TodayHilary - I'm going to try mine out either this weekend, but definitely when I go to LA at the end of the month!!!

    Thanks peeps for your comments - keep em coming. :-)


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