Thursday, October 21, 2010

{Loyal Loot Collective: Log Bowls}

The Loyal Loot Collective is based out of Edmonton in Canada, artists Doha Chebib, Carmen Douville, Dara Mumniski, and Anna Thomas collectively have created these amazing Log Bowls. The thing that is so captivating is the high contrast between the rough, natural logs and the modern, glossy finish in the colorful bowls. Even more impressive is that each bowl is handmade using only locally reclaimed trees of all varieties that have fallen or were cut down due to infrastructure, re-landscaping, droughts, or stormy weather. The trees are all hand selected, gathered, turned and finished.
loyal loot 2
loyal loot 3
loyal loot 4
Tell me, are you completely drawn to these stunning bowls, like me? Adding to the christmas list for sure {especially the gray one...of course}!
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