Monday, October 18, 2010

{Hostaria Nonnamelia: Orvieto, Italy}

While in Italy, my absolute favorite city {other than Venice} was Orvieto. It's a very small little town that sits on top of a very large hill and the only way that you can reach it is by a funicular railway. While visiting Orvieto, we happened to stumble upon this wonderful restaurant, Hostaria Nonnamelia, and decided to grab some lunch before we headed to Sienna. Immediately, it was love at first sight and I knew this place was definitely worthy of it's own post. The decor was so eclectic, cozy, and inviting, and the food...let's just say it's was the best meal we had the entire trip. So good, that I still have the taste of the lasagna embedded in my mouth. So without further ado, take a peak at this lovely {and my now favorite} restaurant:
Hostaria Sign - Orvieto

Hostaria Sign 2 - Orvieto
{One of the many nooks and crannies

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 1

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 2
{I love this cozy little area, and I especially love the wall. I took this picture to remember the design because I thought that it would be a fantastic headboard.}

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 3

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 4
{Don't you just love the eclectic atmosphere. No seating area is alike... I feel like each piece was selected on purpose, during several weekend trips to the flea market...}

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 5

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 6

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 7
{The area on the left is one of my favorites - I love the little corner in the table with that huge lamp sitting next to it....}

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 8
{The BEST pizza and lasagna we had the entire trip - it was definitely the sauce. It tasted like "grandma" was back in the kitchen whippin up her personal recipe}

Hostaria Nonnamelia Decor 9
{The wine was yummy as well...of course it was}

I beg you - if you ever go to Italy, please, please, pleeaase put Orvieto into your plans. It's about an hour from Rome, and it''s one of those places that you'll immediately love and will remember forever. I can't wait to go back...
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  1. These look amazing, I didn't want the pics to stop. Next trip I'm with you :-)


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