Monday, August 9, 2010

{I Need A J.Crew Employee Discount...}

This weekend was a tax free holiday here in North Carolina and I had every intention in helping out the economy. I am still on the hunt for the perfect shoes for Italy {I've found several that I like, but nothing that's...perfect, ie. cute AND comfortable}, and I need lots of tops {the hardest thing for me to shop for} - I have the solids, I need some pattern and a little color. Why is it every time you have money and go looking for something, you can never find anything. Frustrating right?

Now one place that I know I would be able to find something is J.Crew - but because I'm trying to not break the bank before I get to Italy, I didn't even walk in. I did, however, drool and stop for a moment of silence at the jewelry in the window display. I mean seriously, can J.Crew do any wrong?
J.Crew Jewelry Lust
Just fab! I think I need to get a part-time job there just so I can get the employee discount. They wouldn't even have to pay me - just put my check on a J.Crew card and I promise to spend every cent in the store. Kind of genius right? 
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  1. Hilarious!! I work at GAP right now and that's pretty much where all my check goes...If any girl wants to get a job somewhere to make money, I suggest NOT retail! haha! : )


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