Tuesday, July 20, 2010

{Etsy Love: Leah Duncan}

After doing a search on Etsy for "Summer Scarves" {don't ask me why because it's hotter than HE-double hockey sticks and the last thing I want is something around my neck} I stumbled upon Austin-artist Leah Duncan. I really do love the soft colors of the scarf below on the left and think I need to purchase it for when it gets a little cooler outside {or for Italy. PS. I promise you - you will get sick of hearing me talk about Italy, I'm sorry, I'm just so freakin excited!}.
scarves - leah duncan
In addition to Leah's lovely handprinted scarves, she includes a collection of prints, cards, calendars, tea towels and so much more. To check out her shop click here ~ her blog click here ~ and her website click here. ENJOY!

Prints & Cards - leah duncan

love jessica


  1. Omigosh - I totally went to school with her! Can't wait to tell her about your blog post!

  2. thanks so much for the post jessica. : ) i am jealous of your trip to italy - hope you have a great time!

  3. love the scarves, esp the first one! i have had my eye open for something similar lately.

    i wanted to ask you if you know if any good thrift stores in raleigh? and im talking "thrifty" thrift stores. i have been trying to spiffy up my wardrobe with some unique accessories but im on a budget (as always). ive tried passage and revolver ... but im looking for $4 killer finds not used designer bag for $248. any advice?


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