Thursday, July 22, 2010

{Borrowed DIY: Painted Porcelain}

While surfing blogs yesterday, I came across Jennifer from A Merry Mishap who came up with a fantastic idea to spruce up her IKEA porcelain dishes. She used a porcelain paint pen (which you can find in any craft store, I've purchased mine at Michael's) and created a simple, yet modern design drawing repetitive circles around each piece. Once she was finished with the design, she baked the dishes for 35 minutes at 300 degrees to make sure the design remained permanent. And viola!
Painted Porcelain
I only have all white dishes simply because like how crisp and uniform they look in my cabinets {idea inspired after seeing Oprah's party planner, Colin Cowie's, organized cabinets full of all white dishes}... so I decided to take a piece from my collection and try this project out. I used one of my favorite platters {don't ask me why I chose my favorite}, and like Jennifer decided to try the repetitive circle design. Everything was going well until I went to take a picture of my final piece. With camera in one hand, platter in the other, and my purse strap in the perfect position just waiting... I tripped and dropped the platter {yep my favorite, but at least I held on to the camera} on the kitchen tile floor. After breaking into 5 big pieces, I decided to take a picture of the biggest piece so you could see my...broken attempt:

My Broken Attempt
This weekend I plan to try this project stay tuned for round 2 {shaking head...}
love jessica

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  1. Oh no - how disappointing for you! Great job though I hope your next attempt is more successful! I am really enjoying your blog btw :)


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