Wednesday, June 30, 2010

{West Elm Wish List}

West Elm is definitely one of my favorite home decor stores - that's no secret. Every time I go into the store {and even look through their magazine because the closest store is 3 hours away - boo...} it's actually kind of ridiculous how many times I hear myself saying, "ooo, look at that!", "aww man I really want that!", "Oh my gosh, I think I really need this!", or "this would be perfect in my (fill in the blank anywhere in my house)"! And as there are a few people out there that can vouch for my..lustful behavior, if you don't do the same thing when you walk into the store, then you just don't get it and should turn around and leave {lol}! Let's just say you should consider yourself lucky that you weren't around when I put this wish list together - trust me there were lots of ooohs and ahhhs goin on...enjoy!
Wish List
1. Parachute Duvet Cover
4. Globe Pendant – set of 3
5. The Way We Live in the City by Stafford Cliff + Gilles de Chabaneix

I'm thinking bedroom makeover? know I love a project {the devil on one shoulder is saying "you should drive to Charlotte on Saturday, you do have a 3 day weekend", and the little angel on my other shoulder is saying "I have one word for you Jessica.....Italy"} ~ ugh!
love jessica

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  1. LOL! Well both devils are right. But I think the right shoulder should win! Let's just say #3 and #4 are schmazing and I'd love them in my house. :)


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