Wednesday, June 9, 2010

{Modern-Twist Hide Boxes}

Tell me, how can you not love these wonderful, Japanese origami-inspired boxes from Modern-Twist {a San Francisco company owned by Kat Nouri}? I learned about them while perusing Wit+Delight, and immediately became infatuated with them. Each box is made of a luxe woven cotton fabric, and the clever design allows you to open and close with an accordion-like effect. Wouldn't they be perfect for stashing a tooth that's awaiting its fateful meet-up with the tooth fairy? Or to hold something sparkly, when that certain someone, asks you a certain...question? Amazing right? Oh how I wish I could afford to package up all of my MODAGE pieces in them, talk about a presentation - the ways to use these cute little boxes are endless. Take a peak below at my faves...and to learn more, click here.




{Insert sad face here} I want them all...J'mazing!
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