Monday, May 10, 2010

{Blog of the Week: Wit + Delight}

Kate Arends of Wit + Delight has one of those Yes! Yes! Yes! blogs: will you love it? will you be inspired? and, will you get lost in it? Yes, yes and definitely YES! Wit + Delight just, fantastic. It's so visually interesting and different from all of the other blogs out there - simply Kate's way of jam-packing in more fabulous content than you could possibly imagine.
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Wit + Delight is one of my daily reads and I'm always excited to see what Kate is posting about. Below are some of my favorite posts {it's hard to pick a few, because there are sooo many to choose from}. Check em out:
Chanel bag
In Kate's words: "There’s been some fun discussion over this photo, at jak & jil. The image has been circulating for some time, but i saw it for the first time this week. I think it’s brilliant. what do you think?"

bike love
I want one of these sooo badly. I can just see myself riding down the boardwalk at the beach - or simply riding around town on one of these. Trust me - I will get one once I move to flatter lands.

lovely shoes
If I see these shoes (or something similar) in Italy - I. WILL. BUY. THEM. I can't think of words to explain how fab these are!

These bud vases need to be sitting on my kitchen counter...I'm adding them to my wish list!

grill cheese
Doesn't this look sh-mazing? This is what Kate had to say: "we grabbed some thick slices of our to-die-for “seeduction” bread, some creamy mozzarella, nutty parmigiano-reggiano and pecorino romano cheeses and thinly shaved smoked ham. slather on the butter and oh. my. god. we topped them with avocados, dipped them in some ketchup and were both in heaven!" Yep - this is dinner tonight for me, sold!

Seriously, I could go on and on posting all of my favorite Wit + Delight posts, but I will save them for you to peruse. Make sure you wait to check out the site once you really have some time to sit back and enjoy it. I know you're gonna love it!

Have a lovely Monday!
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  1. love that bike... and your blog! xo!

  2. Cuteee! Thanks for sharing!


  3. Thank you wishful nals & the candybox! LOVE Wit + Delight!!!


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