Thursday, April 1, 2010

{Home Office Frosting}

I'm at the final stretch of completing my home office and now I'm at the hardest part, the frosting - adding touches of pattern and color. After taking a tour of my apartment I realize I have very little color and absolutely zero pattern.  So as my office is supposed to be a place of inspiration and creation -  I've decided to go with mustard and a touch of fushia as the main accent colors of the space. For those that know me - you realize this is a big stretch because I'm all about my earth tones and whites. BUT, I'm going to travel outside my box and give this color combo a try.

Here's a quick sneak peak of one side of my office. I've added a few touches since this picture - but to give you a little idea of how bland the space is right now - here ya go:

Over the last few days I've been searching for a rug and found one that I've fallen in love with from West Elm. The only problem is that it's on backorder until May 25th - ugh!  Now again, if you know me even a little bit you know that I'm not the most patient person. When I have something planned out in my head, I become obsessed with it and have to get it or get it completed now. So now that I know I can't get the rug in my timeframe do you think I should wait it out, find a new color and pattern to work with, or look to find something that is similar?

Here is the rug that I REALLY want...
{PS. If any of my lovely readers lives near a West Elm and happens to see this rug in a 3X5, please let me know! I will call the store immediately and order over the phone. Unfortuately the store in Charlotte doesn't have it - I've tried.}

So to go along with my impatience, I hate to settle - lovely combination right? As I'm working through my issues (ha!), I've decided to look for some other rug options. What do you think?
pottery barn
{Pottery Barn via Ebay}

See what I mean about settling? They just don't have the same modern and chic design that I'm looking for. Have you seen anything a little more close to the West Elm rug? Or....should I just wait it out and get the one I really want? Help!

In the meantime, I'm going to keep looking and promise to have final pics of my office (with or without my final piece of frosting) on Tuesday. Stay tuned - but please, if you have any ideas - shoot them over.

Have a great day - it's "Friday" for most of us right?
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  1. You're office is stunning!! I would hold out for the rug you really want! That's just me, but I rarely buy anything that I REALLY want.

  2. It's an internet only item. :-(

  3. Definitely hold off - I am loving that rug from West Elm!

  4. Thanks everyone! Ok - I'm going to try something new and be patient. I will hold out for the West Elm rug - everything else would just second place. So as promised, final pics will be posted on Tuesday (sans my lovely rug) - stay tuned!!


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