Tuesday, April 6, 2010

{Home Office: Before & After}

My home office is completed and I have to say I love the transformation! Scroll down to take a tour of the renovated space and some of my favorite treasures.


curtain closed
{On one side of the walk-in closet, I have sectioned off a space for storage. In an effort to keep all of the "stuff" hidden, I have installed a curtain.}
Curtain, $14.99 - IKEA (Lenda)
Storage boxes, $11.99 for 2 - IKEA (Nostalgisk)
Wall flower decals, $9.99 - Target
Tricycle artwork by Jessica Stoddard
Live What You Love print - gift

curtain open
{The "stuff" behind the curtain}
Magazine holders, $2.00 for 5 - IKEA (Dokument)
Plastic storage boxes, $3.49 - IKEA (Samla)
Clear jars, $4.99 for 4 - IKEA
White shelf with plasitc jars, $3.00 - Goodwill

curtain hangers and boxes
{I wasn't able to find a curtain rod to fit across the space, so I cut off the curtain tabs that we attached at the top and instead used clips from IKEA - $4.99 for 12}

full desk with computer
{My work space. The gold chevron artwork was created by yours truly - me, using these instructions by Kelly and Olive. I'm still thinking of painting an accent wall, but since I live in an apartment, I'm not sure if it's worth it. Stay tuned...}

box tags
{To kick these plain white storage boxes up a notch, I created tags to help me with what items go into each box}
White fabric storage boxes - $2.99 each - Michaels
Tags - free (design look familiar?)

{My chalkboard was super easy to make. Because I live in an apartment and didn't want the hassle of repainting when I move out - I painted a piece of wood instead}
Wood, $3.00 - Lowes
Chalkboard paint, $10.00 - Lowes
White chalk container, $3.00 - IKEA (Asker)
Chalk, $1.99 - IKEA
Wall decal, $9.99 - Target

{When my sisters were little they couldn't say 'Jessica' and instead of called me 'Caca' not knowing what they were actually saying of course. There are still VERY few people that can get away with calling me 'Caca" still to this day. My friend Eleanor cross-stiched this name tag for me - love it!}

{Miss My Home painting from Michele Maule}

{LOVE print from Madebygirl}
Pink chevron - fabric I wrapped and glued around a small piece of wood
Frog Prince - flea market find
Rusty Rose adorned on a box spring - flea market find

sartorialist pro blogger
{The Sartorialist - amazing street fashion by photographer Scott Schuman; ProBlogger - a must read for all bloggers}

modage buisness cards
{My business cards, created by Emily Ley Paper}

tourist box
{Be More Than a Tourist ceramic piece by artist Asia Mathis}

door knobs
{What a find - all of these door pulls/handles were on sale at Anthropologie for $2.95 each. I thought this would be a fun way to display my MODAGE jewelry until they go on to their new owners. Don't you love them? The next pic gives you a close up of each of them}

indiv knobs

clear chair
{My splurge - I knew that since this was a small space I didn't want a heavy chair taking up even more space. When I found this 'ghost chair' at IKEA, I knew this would be perfect for my area}
Clear acrylic chair, $99.00 - IKEA (Tobias)

{My desk - talk about a perfect fit}
Espresso brown detachable legs, $25 - IKEA (Vika Leif)
Espresso brown table top $29 - IKEA (Vika Amon)

{My chandelier that I put up all by myself - adds just the touch of glam that I wanted}
Chandelier, $39.99 - IKEA (Kritaller)

no rug til may 25
{You know the deal with this one. This West Elm rug is on backorder until May 25th. Boo...I'm so impatient, but it will be well worth the wait}
Andalusia Rug, $100 for 3X5 - West Elm

Sooo.....wha cha think? I'd love to hear your honest thoughts!
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  1. Jessica, it is absolutely beautiful and SO you! :-)

  2. Jessica, this is amazing! What a beautiful space and wonderful details! Thank you for sharing and inspiring others!!


  3. I am so impressed!!! You did a great job. And I can't believe that is an apartment closet. Wow!!!

  4. Fantastic make-over. What a difference. The space is exactly the two things Mme. Chanel suggested - fabulous and stylish.

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!I am attempting to figure out how to convert my small little corner/office area in my bedroom into a functional space for me to write and just be creative. This gets me inspired to start getting ideas together. But what suggestions would you have working with a small space?

  6. Thank you everyone - I'm thrilled you like it!!!It is amazing how much I was able to fit into the small space. Which brings up a good point for Gutseyscrnwrter.

    No matter the size of your space, make sure you maximize the height. Add shelves all the way to the ceiling if you'd like for organization, books, things that inspire. This will eliminate the need for a book shelf. If you need a filing cabinet in your space - think about using it as your desk "legs" and add a tabletop on top (IKEA has them in all colors and sizes for under $30). Not to be on the IKEA bandwagon - but they have lots of desks and furniture specifically for small spaces (folding chairs, wall mounted desks that fold down, loads of storage and organization items). Also keeping the space organized and clutter-free will make you feel like you have more room. There's nothing more that drives me crazy than a bunch of junk and paper laying around. Everything has a place - put it there. Remember - if you don't have the floor space, think UP! Let me know if you have any questions.

  7. Oh my! This is an absolutely amazing transformation. I can not believe how awesome this looks. I love every single thing about it, and this is going to help spark your inspiration so much.

    GREAT GREAT job "caca"


  8. This is amazing Jessica. It looks great and so you! You reveal more and more talents every day!

  9. That's great! I actually found a desk top and legs I love at ikea! I think I am doing that this weekend! I am really excited to have a new space where I can write and be creative!

    I am also thinking of converting my old computer desk from IKEA into a little bar that can be in my livingroom... any suggestions?

  10. Wow. You are one talented chica. You should totally sell this setup to IKEA's design dept - beautiful work and great use of space/color! Can't wait to see what's next...

  11. God Jess that looks beyond amazing! I am sooo jealous. I don't have one inch of the skill and talent that you have. You are an absolute genius. I am going to need you to come to NYC to help me with my new apartment. Decorating for a small space.


  12. Thank you Susan, Kelley, and Kendra!!!! Kendra, you name the date and send me the ticket and I'm there! :-)

    Gutseyscrnwrter - turning your desk into a bar is a fantasti idea. If you send me a pic of the desk, I can send you some options of how to accessorize and glam it up!

  13. Gutseyscrnwrter - Check out this bar inspiration: http://blog.designpublic.com/2009/12/30/new-years-eve/
    Hope this sparks some inspiration!

  14. This looks like an amazing and inspiring space for an office! I really like the artsy door knobs you used for hangers!


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