Friday, March 26, 2010

{Weekend Plans}

TGIF Peeps! It has been a super long week for me, filled with 13+ hour days all week. I won't complain because this only happens on occassion at my job, but boy am I glad today is friday. Per the usual - here are my weekend plans:
weekend plans 3.25
{I do all of the sketches in my Weekend Plans, however, as much as I would like to take the credit for the sketch above, I did not create it. But isn't it perfect? All credit goes to  Ian Dale}

I hope that you have been inspired by MakeunderMyLife this week, I know I have. Going through the pages of Jess's blog has really inspired me to do things differently - with a purpose and intention. On Wednesday she posted about a book she read titled Being Happy For No Reason. In Jess's words:

"The first fresh idea I came across is about how we as a society often try to accumulate happy experiences in order to create a happy life. If we can just get that next bag, apartment, house, puppy, job, smaller jean size, and boy then we will be happy. All of these happy events are like happy beads on our happy necklaces. If we have enough “happy beads” on our necklace than we have a happy life. Rather than worrying about each new bead or event that comes onto our necklaces, we should focus on making the thread that is holding those beads, stronger. If we have a happy thread, then the good or bad events that come onto our necklaces have less of an impact on our overall sense of well-being. Sure, things can happen that can devastate, or delight us for a moment. But the longevity of our happiness is dependent ultimately on our threads, not our beads."

So through this message, just like Jess, I realize that I better start strengthening my thread today.

I hope you have an amazing weekend and (like I always say...with a twist this time) whatever you do, make sure you do something special just for you - with purpose and intention!
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