Wednesday, March 24, 2010

{Vintage + Modern}

I really love mixing modern decor with vintage treasures - as you know this is this premise of my jewelry line MODAGE. It's really all about mixing and matching. And even more so it's about adding character to a room, making your home a little less cookie-cutter and a little more unique. So today I thought, after doing some research, I would share some of my favorite vintage etsy sellers {Sadie Olive, Hindsvik, Vintage Modern Mix, and West and Plum} with you. Take a peak and maybe it will give you a boost of inspiration to add some character to your home...

Sadie Olive
Vintage Modern Mix
West and Plum
Now I simply need to decide what I'm going to add to my collection. I'm thinking the white and mustard milk glass from Vintage Modern Mix may be the next purchase. It would go perfect on my nighstand in my bedroom...filled with fresh flowers. Lovely!
 Final Signature

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