Tuesday, March 16, 2010

{DIY & Home Office Updates}

Mornin’! So over the weekend I did the DIY project that I posted about last week. However, instead of using wallpaper (as suggested in the directions) I used some fabric that I had around the house. So…for less than $20.00 (File cabinet - $15 on Craigslist, 2 drawer handles from Lowes - $9, Fabric – free) here is my new cabinet! Wha cha think? For directions on how to do this yourself, click here.

My completed file cabinet

As you know I’m obsessed with the flea market and while I had the best intentions of going to look for a desk I could spruce up for my office – I instead found a few items to go on my desk (would be nice if I actually had a desk to put them on though…)

Flea Market Finds 1

1. Vintage fan – for a little air circulation in the upcoming months
2. Vintage clock – another obsession of mine – small vintage clocks.
3. Copper/enamel dish – to hold “stuff” like paper clips, etc.
4. Old rusty frog (my prince) – for a little whimsy…and luck
5. Vintage drawer – to put mail (and junk) in
6. My Addison - not found at the flea market :-) (she loves to stick her head through the spindles and bark at the dogs that go past)

I also bought a few things for MODAGE (again, not in the plans but when it comes to jewelry I can’t help myself, lol!) so come back tomorrow to see some new necklaces – courtesy of my new finds.

Now back to the desk. Since I didn’t find one at the flea market, I’m still on the hunt. I would really like this chunky table/desk from West Elm, but I’m not lovin’ the $400 price tag:

west elm desk

Instead, I found a similar “look for less” desk at Walmart for $150 – what do you think? Should I get it? Have you seen anything even cheaper?
walmart desk

Finally, here are a few pics of my office in its ‘before’ stage. (Note: the space looks a lot smaller in these pics than it actually is). Just keep this in the back of your mind for when I do the big reveal…that is, after I find a desk. HELP!!

Before home office pics
Final Signature


  1. I love the filing cabinet- it came out great!! And I actuall like the Walmart desk better- I like the silver legs. Plus it's a little bit less bulky, maybe that would be good in a smaller space?

  2. Check Father & Son. I got a great mid-century modern style desk there for $80 a couple years ago and Harold recently got a Danish modern desk for around $100.

    The filing cabinet looks awesome!

  3. Thanks Andrea and Susan!! I will check out Father & Son this weekend - and if they don't have what I'm looking for, I'll go with the desk from Walmart. I'm anxious to get the room together - stay tuned...

  4. OMG! I didn't even see Addy in there until the second time around. My lil Addy...bark bark - LOL!!!!


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