Wednesday, March 10, 2010

{Blog of the Week Feature}

Starting on Monday, March 15th, I will be starting a weakly feature of my favorite blogs. Many of them will probably be some of your favorites, but hopefully I'll get to share a few treasures that you may not know about. The purpose of doing this is to hopefully provide a little more attention to all the fab blogs out there and to open up our community a little more.

Each Monday I will select and designate one of my favorite blogs as the 'Blog of the Week'. Along with the title, the chosen blog will receive a few perks including (but certainly not limited to):

~ One post about the blog that will feature a snapshot of the site, a little information about the blog, and of course a clickable link to get readers to the site.

~ Each 'Blog of the Week' will also be archived in a list in the right hand column of my blog

~ For the week that each blog is featured, the blog will also have a space dedicated to them (in the right hand column of my blog) featuring a clickable link to direct readers to the site.

I truly hope that you enjoy this weekly feature. If you would like to recommend a blog to be featured, please feel free to contact me by commenting to this post or by emailing me at:
Have a great day - and remember to smile (it helps, trust me).smile
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