Friday, February 12, 2010

{Weekend Plans}

TGIF!!! I'm so looking forward to the weekend - even if we are supposed to get another snow storm (over it!!). I have a few things planned but mostly I'm looking forward to some rest and relaxation...
Weekend plans

Final Signature


  1. How cute is this post?! I love that you actually hand wrote it. Were the pictures and stuff done by you too? (duh, I don't know why I asked) :)

  2. Yes, the artwork is by yours truly! :-)

  3. Love Love Love it! The way you sketch your weekend in a nut shell is so creative.

    I might have to steal ;)


  4. Love this post! I had no idea you were such an ar-tist...but I shouldn't be surprised.

  5. I just checked out your modage website. all of the pieces look amazing. I'm going to purchase something really soon!

    great job!


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