Thursday, February 25, 2010

{Etsy Love}

Cocoricooo is one of my many favorite Etsy sellers. I've been eyeing their dresses for some time now and with the warm weather right around-the-corner (fingers crossed), it's time for me to start thinking about updating my wardrobe. Check out some of their lovely designs below - they are cost-effective (approx. $40), handmade (most importantly), and flattering to most figures.
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You'll definintely be seeing me in 3 or more of these this spring/summer. And even though I have some Dolce Vita sandals that are similar to the ones the model is wearing in the pictures, I need to find those exact sandals - FAB! The hunt begins...
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PS. My vintage dress form should arrive today - yippeee!!!


  1. I went to look at this site, it is awesome. Thanks for the info! I know they have a couple of things that I want.

  2. wooow! these dresses are amazing! You know, i'm really liking all of this handmade stuff. A lot of it is better than the clothes/accesories in the stores! great finds!!

  3. Lovely Lovely finds! I've added her to my etsy favs too.

  4. Love those dresses...might have to purchase one myself! They'd be cute with light leggings too.
    And by the way...those salt & pepper shakers would be a lovely BIRTHDAY gift. :)


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